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Thread: Pink-Lady IPB Board 3.1.0

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    --> Pink-Lady IPB Board 3.1.0

    This is my first attempt at creating a IPB Skin so I decided to go with something very easy. My Pink-Lady vbulletin 4 styles was the best candidate since it mostly CSS. I will port other Styles over in the future ,but right now I'm taken it easy because IPB Board is not that easy to skin like vbulletin. I know pink is not a favorite color for most of you but give my some feed back . thanks

    "A fresh pretty theme accentuating the beauty of the color pink. A light playful pink with splashes of deep pink. Pink lady is sophisticated yet frisky and will surely meet your site needs and wants. "
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    Hey Bro does it work on 3.1.4?

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    Have not gotten a chance to check it out yet, sorry . Will gwt back to you as soon as I find out .

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    thanks you 4 share ^^ cam on ban da chia se hi ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by ngockieu190792 View Post
    thanks you 4 share ^^ cam on ban da chia se hi ^^
    thanks you 4 share ^^ cam on ban da chia se hi ^^

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