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Thread: How did you find us?

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    --> How did you find us?

    How did you find Skinion.net?

    Possible answers:

    • Search Engine
    • Skin footer link
    • vBulletin.org
    • vBulletin.com
    • Word of mouth
    • ..others

    Post below how you found Skinion.net or heard of Skinion. Thanks!

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    --> How did you find us

    Its sort of interesting to find out how people found Lucky Rabbit Reflex. Did you first find it on the development blog, or are you like many of us, who first found the game through Chens Lemma Soft forum thread?

    I found it early in the works through Lemma Soft. :3

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    Guys, can you provide your favourite gambling dice games list? I've tried about ten different games and only one of them is really good. So if you have something to advise, you are welcome.

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