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Thread: Activate sound in Safe Mode....

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    --> Activate sound in Safe Mode....

    had to run my computer in safe mood ,and surprise surprise no sound. Anyways I came up on this easy solution to enable sound in safe mode
    Hi everybody finaly there's a solution to the problem that you don't have sound in Safe Mode

    Check out the reg file ,, cause this worked for me on windows 7 and I Dealazer made it possible for you on
    Vista too, if you do the step by step and manually find the values for the upper two classes
    then it will be possible to do it on vista too, I haven't checked it out cause I don't have vista...

    I have a High Definition soundcard so maybe you have to remove something like HDAudBus and HdAudAddService
    keys if you don't have highdefinintion sound card...

    I use a laptop so I have a Realtek soundcard...

    There's a picture explaining something in the zip file with activation reg file...


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    --> Method 2


    This guide will teach you how to get sound in the windows feature, "Safe Mode". If you do not know what Safe Mode is; it is a feature that makes your computer run the least amount of services so your computer can run flawlessly with no lags/freezes/etc. The regular Safe Mode options do not include sound. This guide will teach you how to witness your computer running flawlessly while being able to have sound on your computer.


    50 FPS on RecklessPK at all times.
    45+ FPS on RuneScape at all times.
    Ability to make videos with little to no lag.
    Ability to use Skype and RuneScape at the same time with little to no lag.

    Step One:

    Start by pressing the start button located next to the 'ctrl' key. If you're on a laptop, the start key could be located next to your 'fn' key.

    While holding down the start key, hold down the 'r' letter key.

    Key combination: start+'r'

    Step Two:

    After perssing start+'r' a box will pop up. Clear the box so it says nothing, and type in "MSCONFIG" without the quotation marks. After doing so press enter or ok.

    Step Three:

    After the box is open; go to the second tab from the right that says "boot". Here is where you will select the options to that will help your computer run flawlessly.

    If you look at the bottom of the tab; you will see a list of checkable boxes.

    You want to select 'Safe Mode' which will start your computer on Safe Mode, "Network" which will enable internet on your computer and "Base Video" which gives the power of sound to your computer.

    Your box should look like this:
    Screenshot by Lightshot

    Testing Stage:

    After all your settings are filled in, press apply/ok. It will prompt you to restart your computer; you can restart it that way or the normal way by pressing start then restart.

    Boom; you have a flawless running computer.


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