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Thread: Dark-Berry Question

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    --> Dark-Berry Question

    Is it possible after each forum board to have like a line or something put in? So they look more separated like they do on the Gametime Theme

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    Yes it is, did you make a purchase ...?

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    yup i bought the Dark-berry skin yesterday

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    Basically to clairfy what im looking for is on the greenbox theme its also there the line breaks between each board and in the whats going on box

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    Alright you can alter this by going into your "forum" style var and changing "Forum Row Border" . let me know if that works

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    im looking and looking but i dont see a forum row border in the stylevars

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    its under "forum'' style var .

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    yah ive been looking there dont see forum_row_border is it called something else in the stylevar

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    If you give me temporary access I can get this done for you.


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    It seems that ive got some of this to work im going to add a screen shot for you to see and we can go from there

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