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Thread: Nav Bar overlapping in greenbox 4.2

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    --> Nav Bar overlapping in greenbox 4.2

    Does anyone know how to fix the spot next to the "whats new?" tab?

    As far as i can tell, thats the only issue with the theme.

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    Ok, Ill look into it and re-upload with fix

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    thanks. It could be on my end as well. I have deleted the files and uploaded twice though, with no change. I will re-download and try again.

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    Was taking a look on my end ,did u merge with ur existing theme or did u do a new import...

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    I have been dealing with some family issues and havent been able to work on the site for a while... I left it up to my "staff" to run for a while, but now I am back and would like to try and sort this out.

    I deleted all of my previous styles, (down to deleting the style folder in the images folder.) and deleted the individual styles from the style manager in the admin CP.

    It appears that the Navbar background (stylevar navbar_background) is the item controlling this "glitch". I can change that to the navbl.png image and it changes the entire navbar to the navbl image. (as you would expect.) I am not sure if its a CSS issue, or on my end. I have done everything I can think of to clear it up on my end, shy of wiping VB and reinstalling. I downloaded the latest version of this theme to do my most recent troubleshooting.

    any help is appreciated. I understand you are extremely busy.

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    Please pm me admin permission so I can log in and fix this .

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    I am incredibly sorry I havent been back. I thought the family issue was resolved... turns out she wanted half of my stuff too. :/

    I will create a new login for you with admin permissions. I will PM the details shortly.

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    that's ok,hope things work out in your favor . I sent you a pm ,waiting to hear back form you .


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    --> Nav Bar overlapping in greenbox 4 2

    Thats right lets see how this sucker does on a new forum. Bar is now open to serve.

    Come one come all Lets drink a round to the new board

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